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Meet Dale Clover - "Doc"

Dale Clover - Harley Davidson and V-Twin Service TechnicianIn talking to Dale’s customers one thing is clear:  their loyalty.  Comments like “…no one else is going to touch my bike…” and “…everyone I asked told me to use Dale…” are not uncommon.  This is understandable when you talk to Dale and get a sense of his passion for what he does.  The safety of his customers, the reliability or their motorcycles and protecting their substantial investment in Harley-Davidson or other high-end motorcycles are his goals and these are consistent with everything he does.

Dale has been a mechanic all of his adult life, with multiple automotive and motorcycle training certifications.  As an enthusiastic rider himself, Dale’s passion for motorcycle maintenance and repair led him to the nationally acclaimed MMI Training Institute in Orlando, Florida.  When he returned to Louisville as a MMI Harley-Davidson Trained Technician several years ago, his hobby and passion for motorcycle repair resulted in a garage full of motorcycles, great word-of-mouth advertising and ultimately, a full time career with his own shop.

Become a Clover Cycle Works "Evangelist" and make an appointment.  You will "...never let anyone else..." service your motorcycle again!

Harley-Davidson: We Know 'Em.  We Love 'Em.  We specialize in servicing and maintaining Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

We specialize in servicing and maintaining Harley-Davidson® and V-Twin motorcycles.

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