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At Clover Cycle Works, we are committed to three important considerations in all of the work that we do for our customers:
Clover Cycle Works Shop
   1.  Your Safety,
   2.  Reliability, and
   3.  Protecting your Investment

These are our guiding principles in any and all service that we provide.

With this in mind, we provide a host of services including safety inspections, tires, brakes, oil and filter, regular 5,000 mile and 10,000 mile maintenance, repairs, insurance work as well as performance tuning and custom motorcycle work.

Motorcycle enjoyment and service is a passion for proprietor Dale Clover and has been for years.   As a MMI Harley-Davidson Trained Technician, Dale has received nationally acclaimed training and continued to build and refine his skills over the years working on hundreds of bikes.  Dale has grown his business over the years based on good, reputable service and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Harley-Davidson: We Know 'Em.  We Love 'Em.  We specialize in servicing and maintaining Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

We specialize in servicing and maintaining Harley-Davidson® and V-Twin motorcycles.

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